Undercover Security

LPS receives hundreds of applications every year. However, only a select few pass our rigorous screening process. Those selected for an interview are subjected to an intense series of knowledge and behavioural based questions to determine skill, demeanor, discipline and maturity.  Once past the interview stage, guards are enrolled in a two day in-class session.

If candidates pass the requirements of the in-class session, recruits are then assigned to field training where they shadow an experienced investigator who provides an assessment of their ability to do the job effectively. The training investigator is responsible for the final recommendation to management.

Every Loss Prevention Services security guard is licensed under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act.

In our opinion, the commonly used passive, “floor walkers” approach is not good enough.

The objective is a lower and sustainable shrink level, and to accomplish this goal, Loss Prevention offers a number of integrated services, including:

  • retail floor surveillance to apprehend and deter shoplifters;
  • employee investigations when endemic internal theft is suspected;
  • integrity shopping to ensure employees are following loss prevention procedures;
  • secret shoppers to analyze customer shopping experience;
  • complete store audits;
  • In addition to a store presence, LPS partners with Loss Recovery Services who retains a reputable law firm to pursue civil action against shoplifters to recoup losses.