Canada’s Loss Prevention Specialists

For 45 years, Canadians have trusted Loss Prevention Services (LPS) to protect themselves and their bottom line.

Loss Prevention Services Limited (LPS) is a Private Security and Investigation Agency, founded in 1972. LPS provides national organizations with investigations, surveillance, and security services that focus on eliminating the types of loss that impact corporate profitability.


LPS provides national organizations with investigation and security services that focus on eliminating internal and external theft and fraud. Clients include national and local retailers, mid-sized firms and Fortune 500 companies searching for an effective alternative to in-house security and loss prevention.

With over half a million arrests and counting, you can trust LPS Undercover Security to:

  • Maintain an on-going quality control program ensuring tangible results and benefits
  • Generate increased long-term profits through reduction of shrink
  • Seamlessly provide all loss prevention and security capabilities
  • Maintain a low key, professional and confidential presence
  • Work co-operatively with an organization’s personnel achieving maximum results
  • Commit to unmatched levels of in-house training that leads directly to the best apprehension and loss recovery results in the industry

Our Uniformed Security are experienced and available to provide:

  • Professional and courteous concierge work
  • Experienced construction site security
  • A strong visual deterrent to potential criminals
  • Exceptional training for extraordinary guards
  • Unparalleled customer service