Loss Recovery

Retail stores suffer loss every day, not only from outright theft, but also from the cost of protecting themselves and pursuing the shoplifters.  Although Civil laws enable retailers to recover money damages above and beyond merchandise, bringing offenders to justice can be difficult and costly. The loss prevention skills of Loss Recovery Inc. culminate in a civil recovery practice that delivers timely and cost-effective results.

There is no fee associated with Loss Recovery, and is provided as a part of Loss Prevention Services’ offerings for our clients.

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About Loss Recovery Financial Services

In 1996, claiming of civil damages from shoplifters was affirmed by the Ontario Divisional Court in the case of Hudson’s Bay vs. White. This allowed retailers to civilly sue shoplifters outside of criminal proceedings for the purpose of recouping losses associated with shoplifting.

Loss Prevention Services introduced its partnership with Loss Recovery Services in 1996, immediately upon confirmation by the courts. It is monitored and administered by a reputable law firm and through experience and refinement of the approach, Loss Recovery Services achieves an industry leading, 60% average recovery rate. Our compliance rate is close to 100% in certain areas.

The amounts recovered directly offset some of the losses associated with theft and shrinkage. Find out how you can benefit from our loss recovery program by integrating it into your overall loss prevention strategy. Contact us to learn more.