Uniformed Security

Uniformed security officers and ongoing surveillance are an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy. Loss Prevention Services’ uniformed security personnel complement plain clothed retail investigators.

LPS also offers 24 hour concierge service for condominiums, security enforcement and monitoring for apartment buildings, and physical security at commercial and industrial facilities.  Our mobile security service provides additional security coverage where needed; overnight surveillance, scheduled patrolling, and private parking enforcement.

We will only place properly screened and fully trained personnel. All LPS guards receive initiation training for new sites. This involves a detailed reconnaissance of the site and setting a patrol plan and routines to ensure the site is adequately covered. Depending on the site requirements, patrols can be by foot, bicycle or vehicle.

Quality Assurance

Our clients want to be confident they are receiving the level of service for which they have paid. Our District Managers conduct unscheduled spot checks to ensure adequate coverage for our clients. We also employ backup personnel. Our guards are cross-trained on client locations to provide seamless backups in the event of an illness or unexpected absence.

Clear, Concise Reporting

Our personnel are trained to write clear and detailed reports on their activities during their shift. This includes reporting maintenance issues uncovered during patrols such as leaks, damage, etc. Handwriting standards and report writing skills are an integral part of their training. This is particularly important when guards are required to make court appearances.