LPS Services

Loss Prevention Services has the expertise and commitment to quality that have resulted in an industry leading shoplifter apprehension rate. The factors that make LPS the most successful loss prevention firm in Canada are also what set us apart from the rest.

Smart Technology with DataDriven™ Retail Loss Prevention

LPS uses the latest technology to compile and analyze apprehensions, identifying trends and providing our investigators with updated information on known shoplifters and organized crime rings operating in their area.

Effective StopCrime™ Bulletin

LPS has compiled an extensive proprietary database, which is used to send our clients the StopCrime™  Bulletin, an electronic bulletin sent to clients via email with recent profiles of known shoplifters operating in their area. The StopCrime™ Bulletin has proven to be effective in identifying known criminals – particularly those involved with organized theft rings.

Comprehensive Loss Prevention Standards and Procedures Training

In an industry fraught with potential liability due to mishandling of suspects, having highly trained staff helps us indemnify our clients from potential liability.  Our clients do not incur a loss due to our actions at their premises – a testament to the professionalism of our personnel.

Licensed Investigators and Guards

All our investigators and security guards are licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act as required by Canadian law. We carefully comply with all federal, provincial and local laws relating to privacy and security.