District Loss Prevention Supervisor (GTA East)

Scarborough, ON
Salary: $19.00 to $26.00 /hour


The District Loss Prevention Supervisor (DLPS) is responsible for overseeing all LPSL banners within a geographic district. They play a critical role in ensuring the staff in the reporting district are of the highest quality and professionalism. The DLPS oversees scheduling and timekeeping as well as ensuring compliance of company policies and procedures. The position is responsible for maintaining customer relations with clients within the district.


• Maintain a schedule of work comprising of retail loss prevention investigations, uniform security guarding, and any other assignments as deemed necessary or required to fulfill the district’s obligations to its clients. The DLPS leads its team by example.
• Manage and oversee retail loss prevention investigators and uniform security guards within the specific district
• Ensure all staff are following all company policies and procedures
• Schedule all districts employees ensuring client’s needs are being addressed
• Develop and maintain the highest level of quality and professionalism of district staff through regular
assessments of stats, reports, and customer feedback
• Provide ongoing training and guidance direct report staff
• Liaise with district clients to ensure customer satisfaction
• Develop and maintain functional relationships with other retail loss prevention professionals and local law enforcement
• Maintain adequate staffing levels by hiring and training quality staff
• Document complaints against LPSL employees
• Perform additional tasks and project work as needed

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