DataDriven™ Retail Loss Prevention

Since our first arrest in 1972, Loss Prevention Services has proudly recorded over half a million apprehensions, including both internal (employee related) and external (shoplifter) thefts. The key to LPS’s success and longevity is simple – our average shoplifter apprehension rate exceeds industry norms, saving our clients millions of dollars that would have otherwise been lost.

LPS takes a pro-active approach to loss prevention. Loss Prevention Services offers a BRAND NEW information and statistical based system, DataDriven™ Retail Loss Prevention, that analyzes data from over our 500,000 apprehensions to pinpoint trends and vulnerabilities for your specific industry and location.    

Call 1-866-883-5381 or email us today to find out more about our new DataDriven©  Retail Loss Prevention.

The StopCrime™ Bulletin

Our proprietary DataDriven Retail Loss Prevention database is updated with every new apprehension we make and is reviewed by our investigators on a daily basis.  LPS then creates the StopCrime™ Bulletin – an electronic bulletin sent to clients via email with recent profiles of known shoplifters operating in their area. The StopCrime™ Bulletin has proven to be effective in identifying known criminals – particularly those involved with organized theft rings.